Digest; 'understand or assimilate (information) by a period of reflection'. I want Digest to be a collection of pieces of media that has either been created by me or, media products that i find useful.  

My name is Billy Adams and I am currently a university student at Solent University. I have created digest for two main reasons. The first being I need a place to store my work that I have done; whether that be through Uni or outside of it. The second reason is because I believe by sharing all of my work and inspirations into a compatible easy to use website it will help me with future employment and essentially acts as an interactive CV, I hope you enjoy!


Here you will find a few pieces of my best work 



Found this picture really interesting, particularly  how the cloud have formed in the background and ascension of layers into the background.



The contrast between the lights and the darks in this is what draws me towards it. In particular the dark stems of the flower etched out against the bright sunlight in the background.



Snow after hundreds of skis have gone over it looks incredibly interesting in terms of texture. the sunlight shining off it has created this incredible line effect. 



Took just as the deer had spotted me. Really like this picture as it captures the very moment i am spotted. Seconds after this about 50 deer bolted.



This pictures shows a statue of the Virgin Mary overlooking the Lombardi valley almost in a protective way. this is one of my favourite pictures i have ever taken.



I absolutely love this shot i took overlooking the valley it captures the marriage between earth and sky perfectly.

Southern Atrocities

Southern Atrocities was one of my favourite media products i have ever completed. Set in Southampton; it followed two arch nemesis a policemen with a troubled past pitted against a crime boss with the city as there battleground. I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it!

Screenshot (17).png

During my foundation year in my first year of university one of my assignments was to create a website of my choice. I decided to create a website that showed off all the best venues and events that are in Southampton. It was almost a guide to nightlife in Southampton and i think it was an really effective way of showing off what Southampton had to offer in terms of a night out. You can visit Octave here

Screenshot (23)
Screenshot (22)
Screenshot (24)

For more of my work check out the rest of my website!